About Me

Fantasies do come true!

The modern concept of companionship has changed over the years. Nowadays people are looking for partners that ensure no liabilities and most importantly no limitations. My name is Raquell Rouge and I am here to bring forth the ecstasy you crave!

As a high profile companion there is much to offer, especially to those that have an affinity towards craftsmanship in the form of sensual affection, togetherness and companionship. I would rather define myself as an experience that tends to envision itself beyond the conventional. For those that know and value companionship, I am certainly the best of friends that they can get!

In this modern age, time is money and people tend to have limited time for traditional relationships. Personally I feel traditional relationships imply boundaries and limitations to ones well-being. In this high paced world we need something more flexible and discreet, that doesn't have a profound effect on our lives but still help integrate well-being with its presence.

I believe in leading a life without boundaries and shackles. In addition to that, I am not your average girlfriend that would be nagging about every insignificant aspect out there on the street only to make the relationship far more complicated than what it can be. I am a free soul, one that loves to lead the life without being cursed upon for being a burden. I will be your friend, companion and your desire for eternity once you are acquainted with me.

Going into a relationship with me is fun and gratifying. It is at a same time a very sensuous experience, one which I am sure you haven’t had a taste of yet. I shall not be the traditional partner demanding attention every now and then and at the same time you can also be reassured of not getting into any serious commitments. Our relationship would be one where our very own terms would prevail, ensuring that we are able to play our characters independently.

Want to know something about me?

The best way to know me would be to interact with me. But for the people that are getting curious out there, I am a girl that has love for the smallest things which can make you happy. Yes, that is what makes me special for I can forge happiness out of the smallest thing possible.

I am gorgeous in my own ways for I believe that both the outer beauty and inner beauty makes a person beautiful and gorgeous. Oh yeah, I am also an avid traveller. Therefore I am pretty comfortable with both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for a companion that would be with you for every day of your travelling experience, then I believe we would make a nice pair.

Coming to relationships, you do not need to stress yourself out. I will not be demanding all of the attention throughout the day and neither would I be looking forward to a chubby and extremely cringe-worthy greeting. I only demand the respect and attention that I deserve as a partner out on the street. There is no need of frequent outings, dates, gifts and stuff. So long we are persistent and healthy on our terms, everything shall work out fine.

I can help to orchestrate the best of experiences when it comes to sensuousness. Every encounter with me is a monumental portrait of lust, love, companionship and sensuality. I prefer to take companionship as a form of art, one that can be expressed through our imagination. I make every sensuous experience intense, luxurious and romantic in the most profound ways possible. I am pretty good at living up to the expectations, especially if the fantasy is quite interesting. Swimming and horse riding are some of the sports that I enjoy. I had been an avid swimmer during my college days and I bet that my body would make you feel the intense heat surrounding me.

I have modelled throughout the most beautiful destinations across the world. I have attended a large number of corporate events where it is important and inevitable to have a formal outlook. This makes me the ideal companion for corporate events as well. For my corporate clients, I would make a wonderful girlfriend, one that ideally portrays “beauty with brains”. I love intellectual conversations, especially the ones that demand wit over experience. I am well-mannered and acquainted with all formal and informal etiquettes.

Like most other women, I love to go shopping, watching movies and eating good food. Well, I am a big time foodie. I enjoy going to pubs, and I love dancing. I want to confer an experience which shall be soothing and as real as possible. Therefore you might just get a glimpse of some conventional girlfriend traits within me. For all the connoisseurs out there, a really mesmerising and sensual experience awaits you.

I am pretty open to the concept of travelling and to tell the truth, nothing can excite me more than travelling to distant parts of the country and the world. I can ensure you of the fact that I would make up for a great travel companion as well. I have been bitten by the travel bug and therefore would love to accompany anyone on a tour to find the best of places throughout the world. The person can be ensured of a mesmerising, sensuous and enchanting experience unlike any which they might have experienced till now. My companionship shall eradicate loneliness and provide with the bliss of a healthy and flourishing relationship integrated with lots of sensuous and steamy encounters. I am on the lookout for enthusiasts that would enjoy my company and relive the most enchanting moments of life yet again.



Name: Raquell Rouge
Main City: Baton Rouge, LA
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Straight
Body Type: Thin
Measurements: 36G-26-38
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Race/Ethnic: American
Age: 35
Availability: Contact me for avail
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Highlights
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Mid-Back
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: No
Grooming: Bald
Smokes?: No
Likes: Sense of humor, Well-groomed, Mature, respectful gentlemen
Dislikes: Poor hygeine, Rude behavior, Bargaining my prices
Available to: Men, Couples