It is important for us to establish an open and honest dialogue. While I am open to making new friends, please understand that it is necessary for my safety to verify everyone I may meet. This is not optional. Discretion is paramount and any information you provide will be deleted promptly upon verification. You can find my secure booking page here.

Minor details

Please read my website before contacting me. I prefer our communication to be all about planning our time together, not discussing details easily found here. I prefer initial contact to be made here, on my website. I will refer all texts or emails to my website. I use my work phone for text only, but after initial screening if you would like to schedule a phone interview let me know. If you have something specific to ask about your session, please keep it G rated. I will never discuss donations or services before we've met. Donations are not negotiable. 

Last minute requests

Pre-booking is appreciated, and highly recommended. I can rarely accommodate last minute appointment requests, though I urge you to politely inquire. If we have never met, please allow time for screening.


I want our time together to be special for both of us. Think of this as a classic date. Arrive freshly showered with minty fresh breath. If you are unable to shower before our date you are welcome to shower at my place.


Please place the consideration in a white envelope or card and place it in an obvious place at the beginning of our date. If we are meeting in public a small gift bag will do nicely.


It is your responsibility to be mindful of the clock during our session. Please don't put me in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you that your time is up.


Please respect my time by giving appropriate notice of cancellation. You will find I'm a very understanding person, life happens! I will not respond to attempts to contact me from anyone who no -shows or  repeated cancellations.

Important notes

Please remember that I am a lady, I request that you treat me as such. Texts or emails with explicit language or photos will be ignored. Please don't contact me with illegal offers. 

All of my photos are real and current, and I keep them updated here on my website.